Please see below details on various workshops and courses being run by Tan-Y-Garth Hall Retreat near Chirk in the coming months.  If you are interested please visit Tan-Y-Garth Hall Retreat website

Friday 5 – Sunday 7 July (Tan-y-Garth Hall event)
Come and enter the realm of the plant spirits in a weekend exploring deep nature connection. Plant spirit medical practitioner, Pip Waller returns by popular demand.

Friday 21 – Sunday 23 July (IHS Event)
GENTLE FLOW YOGA with Rose Preston
Gentle-flow yoga with stretching and relaxation from which everyone can benefit.
Please bring loose clothing suitable for doing gentle stretching exercise and posture work.

Sunday 4th August – 2.00 PM – 6 PM (IHS fundraising event)
CONSCIOUS CAFE – Coffee, Tea, Cake & Culture
Take a ride out to the beautiful Ceriog Valley and enjoy a cuppa tea or coffee with a choice
of delicious vegan, wheat-free and other cakes. Relax on the terrace gardens or stroll in
the gardens as the air is filled with the sound of live music from the verandah.
Welcome to the Conscious Cafe at Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreat, a summertime, a pop-up cafe
with Art, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Folk or Drama. Mark the debut of the Hall as a performing
arts venue and help us raise a little money to keep it open with a cultured afternoon trip
out to the Conscious Cafe. A perfect summer Sunday afternoon distraction in the presence
of other conscious minded people.

Friday 16 – Sunday 18 August (Tan-y-Garth Hall event)
RELEASE THE HEALER IN YOU with June Meagher, Jenny Brooke, Kathie Oakley, Derek
Murray and others
A weekend of workshops and seminars aimed at the 18 – 30’s age group but open to all.
Are you looking to develop your healing skills for use on yourself, family and friends? Or
perhaps you are considering going on a healing course?

This weekend will look at the various healing options and methods and teach you how to release the healer in you. Over the weekend we will cover different pathways to healing:

  • 1 Personal Growth
  • 2 The Nature of Healing
  • 3 Relaxation and Breathing methods for inner calm
  • 4 Meditation
  • 5 Attunement process for healing
  • 6 Healing Procedure
  • 7 Nature of the Aura
  • 8 Healing Practical
  • 9 Communication
  • 10 Chakra system and Colours
  • 11 Stress
  • 12 Illness and Pain
  • 13 Self-Healing Techniques
  • 14 Reading for growth
  • 15 Healing on the spiritual path after the Bruno Groening approach
  • 16 Healing through the stories we tell ourself
  • 17 Connecting with nature through breath-work
  • 18 Learning to listen to our inner selves



August Bank Holiday Monday 26th August – 2.00 PM – 6 PM (IHS fund raising event)
CONSCIOUS CAFE – Coffee, Tea, Cake & Culture
The Conscious Cafe, a pop-up cafe with culture, returns to Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreat for a
Bank Holiday Monday Special.
N.B. In the event of bad weather we will move indoor to the large dining room and studio.

Friday 13 Sept 7.30 – 10.30 pm (IHS fund raising event)
Curated by Naomi Jennings-O’Toole with an introduction by Hephzibah Yohannan.
Tan-y-Garth Hall makes its debut as an art gallery with the launch of an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Eugene Halliday and the Jewish emigrée artist Käthe Schuftan.
Click here for More information ….
Saturday 14 Sept 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

TAN-Y-GARTH HALL FEAST-OF-ALL (Tan-y-Garth Hall event)
A one-day feast of Mind, Body, Spirit, Arts and Science with speakers, demonstrations,
workshops, exhibitions, therapy sessions, music, poetry, drama, guided tours of the Hall,
stalls and much more.

Friday 27 – Sunday 29 September (IHS event – part of Pathways to Spiritual Healing)
COMPASSIONATE MINDFULNESS with Gail Calthrop, Kate Knowles & John Bailey
A weekend focused around Gail Calthrop’s knowledge and experience as a Mindfulness
teacher, including the practical applications of the approach. Complimented by Kate
Knowles’s yoga practices and John Bailey’s insights on Eugene Halliday’s works.

Friday 11 – Sunday 13 October (Tan-y-Garth Hall event)
MUSIC, KOSMOS & THE SELF with Dr. Peter Westbrook
Music revealed in the nature of consciousness. Consciousness revealed in the nature of
music. The secrets of why music throughout the ages is considered divine — an exact
miniature of the law working through the whole universe.

Friday 25 – Sunday 27 October (IHS event)
YOGA – Fundamental Principals & Traditional Practice Lynne & Richard Samuel Perry
Traditionally, Yoga postures were practiced slowly and meditatively in order to encourage
the practitioner to bring the power of ‘presence’ to the practice and feel its value not only in
practical sessions but also in everyday life.

Friday 8 – Sunday 10 November (Tan-y-Garth Hall event)
There is a still and silent space within each of us where connection to our innermost being
resides. The purpose of Silent Presence is to learn how to connect with it. “Only when you
drink from the river of Silence shall you indeed sing”. Kahil Gibran

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