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For details of the fully accredited 2 year Spiritual Healing Course being facilitated by June Meagher of AAMARHealing at Peacehaven Healing Centre please visit the Healing Course page

BAHA Accredited Courses are based on and in some cases exceed the requirements of the Current National Occupational Standards (NOS) and meet the current requirements for entry to the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


There are hundreds of workshops and courses for the coming months and you can view these here events listed.

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Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies 2017 - Free Entry

The next exhibition for 2017 in Shrewsbury will be on 12 November, 2017. There will 110 exhibitors and 24 speakers and workshop leaders at this free event.

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We also keep you up to date with the latest developments in the holistic and healing world with news from the BBC and Natural World.

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AAMAR Healing manages Healers & Therapists News networking group on LinkedIn. This group links over 17,000 therapists and teachers from around the globe. There are hundreds of conversations listed. Topics range from helping patients with cancer to what remedies are used for a variety of illnesses. There are more practical conversations for therapists such as building a therapy practice and tips for promoting your holistic business or events. AAMARHealing also set up the sub group Global Sound Healers group on LinkedIn.


Journey of the Soul is a CD created and produced by June Meagher of AAMARHealing, pianist Maria Giles, and singer songwriter Susan Raven and contains 7 tracks specifically created to bring about balance and healing to the seven major chakras.

Listen to a particular track or all seven depending upon your needs. E.g. if you are suffering from anxiety then Track 3, Peace & Calm may help, it starts fast but slowly evolves to calm you down. Track 4, My Heart Is Open is for those who are going through heartache and grief.

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Introduction to Psychic, Mediumship and Healing – Shrewsbury with June Meagher & Amelia Alice

Introduction to Psychic, Mediumship and Healing - Shrewsbury An ideal introduction to mediumship, psychic awareness and energy which will allow you to look at the difference between them before you ...
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Drum Making Course Churchstoke, Powys

Drum Making Course Churchstoke, Powys Saturday 28th April 2018Pen Y Cwm Workshops., Churchstoke, Powys, Wales, SY15 6TR. Drum Making. - This is a sacred process to give yourselves the tools ...
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Rani Sadhu to visit and give talk in Church Stretton

Rani Sadhu to visit and give talk in Church Stretton GROWING UP IN INDIA  AND OTHER DEVELOPING COUNTRIES  AS A YOUNG BLIND PERSON Miss Rani Sadhu, visiting Shropshire from Bangalore, will speak ...
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Omega celebrate 10th anniversary by holding music night in Shrewsbury

Omega celebrate 10th anniversary by holding music night in Shrewsbury Popular BBC Radio Shropshire Breakfast presenter Clare Ashford will host TEN ƱP: A 10th Anniversary Musical Celebration Event for Omega ...
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