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AAMAR Healing is run by June Meagher, a Reiki Master, qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher as well as Registered Healer who offers Wellbeing in the Workplace workshops, Reiki courses, meditation classes, introductory workshops on sound healing, mindfulness, Indian head massage, reflexology, and also offers a 2-year spiritual healing course accredited to BAHA.  June has created her own dance, meditation, and healing techniques based on over 35 years' experience.

FHT-logoune was also a past trustee of The Healing Trust (NFSH) one of the UK’s largest healing organisations.  June was also awarded the LuxLife UK Holistic Teacher for 2019 and is PGCE Certified and is a member of the FHT. June has been healing since she was a child and studied various spiritual and holistic therapies over the past 40 years.

BAHA LogoJune was a trustee, tutor, and assessor for the Peacehaven Healing Centre which is fully accredited under BAHA- The British Alliance of Healing Associations. June holds workshops and courses around the UK.

A founding Trustee of Sound4Healing, a charitable foundation aimed at funding sound healing research and sits alongside the College of Sound Healing.  June was also a past trustee of The Healing Trust (NFSH) one of the UK’s largest healing organisations.  June was also awarded the LuxLife UK Holistic Teacher for 2019 and is PGCE Certified and is a member of the FHT.

More about June Meagher

June is the founder of the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies that used to be held annually in Oswestry until 2007 and is now held in Shrewsbury and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the UK.  As one of the largest free holistic events in the UK, the last Exhibition had over 110 exhibitors and 24 speakers. June owns the LinkedIn Group Healers & Therapists news which has over 18,000 members from across the globe. June was the resident holistic tutor at the Priory Business & Training School, Shrewsbury for over 10 years until 2018 when they ceased doing community courses.  You can download some of June's tracks for free here

June was a past Director of Chemical Watch, a global regulatory news service to the Chemicals Industry.  June was also a Director at Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreats, home of the UK's first residential yoga centre.  June also works with the UGC in Shrewsbury which looking to bring people together regardless of their beliefs.  The UGC works within the local community and further afield to put on talks, workshops, courses covering a range of subjects.  She also manages the WellBean Cafe & SoBar, the regions first cafe and sobar which serves alcohol free drinks.

AAMAR, in memory of her parents Alex And Mary, offers introductory workshops that give an insight before committing to a long term period of learning. Concessionary rates and free places are available on all workshops offered to the public.

'We are all on a spiritual journey and some of us are helped along the way by books, CDs, teachers, and our own inner knowing.  I would like to thank everyone who has shared, taught and shown me the path towards love and compassion that has enabled my own inner awakening.  It is an on-going process and I am truly blessed to have the health and ability to share their knowledge and my own inner intuition.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.' 

All of my teachings are based on two very simple principles, love and compassion, not only for others, our animal kingdom, planet, and universe but for yourself.



June is an eternal student of learning and strives to develop herself so that she can serve not only herself but those who come into her life for however long.

Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies

June is the founder of the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies that used to be held annually in Oswestry until 2007 and attracted thousands of visitors from all over the UK.

As one of the largest free holistic events in the UK, the 2017 Exhibition had over 110 exhibitors and 24 speakers.

Flyer for Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies

Over 18,000 Healers & Therapists

Proprietor of Healers and Therapists News, an online community for over 18,000 healers and therapists from around the world, June has brought together some of the world’s leading teachers and practitioners to discuss issues affecting holistic communities.


June studied healing with the NFSH (Healing Trust) and sat on their Board of Trustees as well as Regional Committee. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher who currently teaches introductory as well as accredited courses in Energy Channelling including Spiritual Healing and Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing, Meditation, Tarot and Personal Development in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and Mid-Wales as well as giving talks and holding workshops throughout the UK.  June has also studied Sound Healing, Colour Therapy (Aura Soma), Energy Balancing, The Cosmic and Universal Laws.   A great motivator of people and communicator, June sends out a monthly newsletter to over 2,000 holistic professionals and those interested in well-being from the Midlands and Powys areas.  June has been healing since she was a child and read many books on the subject before she was 16 and before it was as acceptable as it is today.

Priory Business College & School

A regular tutor for holistic modalities at the Priory Business College centre for the past 10 years until it ceased offering community courses in 2018, June has taught over 700 local people.  References are available from the school on the workshops and courses that were run there.

Peacehaven Healing Centre, Berriew, Welshpool

As tutor for the Peacehaven Healing Centre which is fully accredited under BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations) June is now teaching a 2 year healing course as well as various other holistic workshops and a regular meditation group.  Due to space restrictions please book on courses before coming along so as not be disappointed.  References are available from past students upon request.

June recorded Journey of the Soul with Maria Giles and Susan Raven, seven beautiful piano pieces aimed at relaxation and balancing the Chakras.

Maria Giles studied piano from the age of five and later trained as a pianist and musicologist at the Special Music School for gifted students (Kazan, Russia). In the following years she attended the Moscow State Conservatoire ‘P.I. Tchaikovsky’ where, after obtaining her Masters degree in History and Theory of Music, she took a three-year Postgraduate course in Musicology. She has taught solfeggio, theory and harmony in various music schools, accompanied at various ballet establishments and worked as a correspondent and editor at the Moscow classical music radio station ‘Orpheus’. She later received an offer to teach at the Central Special Music School, Moscow, where she successfully worked with many talented pupils from all over the world.

Susan Raven discovered the powerful esoteric teachings of that great scientist, philosopher and seer, Rudolf Steiner. Susan has since represented Rudolf Steiner Press at the Mind, Body and Spirit festivals of Great Britain for 12 years. Along with the spiritual/consciousness teachings of Steiner, she have followed a personal path of spiritual research which has led her to many transformative and enlightened teachers, including Eckart Tolle and RJ Stewart.  Susan recently published the beautiful Nature Spirits: The Remembrance. In this lucid, step-by-step guide, Susan Raven introduces us to the world of nature spirits and elemental beings, and explains why these entities wish to reconnect with us.

Business advice

June sat on the steering group of met-net a business network that promotes collaborative working among businesses that provide products or services within the environmental technologies sector in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire.   With a background in marketing, digital marketing, sales, PR she has offered marketing, promotional and sales advice to many charities throughout the years as well as many holistic organisations and continues to be retained by many companies and associations for sales, PR and marketing advice. June also helped the UK College of Sound Healing with their digital marketing and PR strategies.  June also works with EESM (Password Management Service) as their Digital Marketing Director and is assisting with their marketing strategies.

Previously June was the Client Relationship Director for Chemical Watch , an international news service to the Chemicals Industry as well as marketing manager for the Darwin & Pride Hill Shopping Centres putting on over 200 events a year and raising thousands of pounds for local charities. She sat on the boards of Destination Shrewsbury, the Shrewsbury BID Group.  As marketing manager for Ninjin Limited she helped raise awareness of Japanese food in the UK during the early 80's for this chain of prestigious Japanese restaurants including the Hiroko at Kensington Hilton, Masako at St Christopher's Place. She also worked with Chen Enterprises who managed the art space at Church St Gallery, Marble Arch, Actors Institute, Barbican. June joined publishers Kuperard and went on to co-edit the Michael's Guide to Scotland and attended the major book fairs in London, New York and Frankfurt. June owned her own gallery and photographic workshop in the Highlands of Scotland during the early 90's and wrote a series of local travel Guides for the MacMillan Cancer trust. She also worked within the sales and marketing team of Virgin's onilne music store, Sunday Times music store. She partly retired before moving to Shropshire in 1997 then to Wales in 2006. As Marketing & Sales manager for Total Communications, a national mobile phone company, she built up the team until the business was sold.