Release the Healer in you
This weekend will look at the various healing options and methods and teach you how to release the healer in you.  Tickets from £50 non-residential to £90 full board and residential.  TanYGarth Hall, Near Chirk, Llangollen  LL20 7AS
Over the weekend we will cover different pathways to healing:
1 Personal Growth
2 The Nature of Healing
3 Relaxation and Breathing methods for inner calm
4 Meditation
5 Attunement process for healing
6 Healing Procedure
7 Nature of the Aura
8 Healing Practical
9 Communication
10 Chakra system and Colours
11 Stress
12 Illness and Pain
13 Self-Healing Techniques
14 Reading for growth
15 Healing on the spiritual path after the Bruno Groening approach
16 Healing through the stories we tell ourselves
17 Connecting with nature through breath-work
18 Learning to listen to our inner selves
June MeagherJune Meagher has been healing since she was a child and has studied various modalities including Spiritual, Energy, Reiki and Sound. She has taught a range of holistic workshops and courses around the UK for over 20 years and organises a free holistic exhibition with speakers and over 100 exhibitors every year in Shropshire. June studied sound healing under Simon Heather founder of the UK College of Sound Healing as well as Tim Wheater, Sheila Whittaker and Mike Barron. A former Director of The Healing Trust, June was also a founding trustee of Sound4Healing, a charity set up alongside the College of Sound Healing to fund research into Sound Healing. She released her first Sound Healing CD in 2009 entitled Journey of the Soul, 7 piano pieces with Maria Giles and Susan Raven, each piece created in the key and characteristics of the 7 major chakras. June is a Reiki Master and BAHA accredited tutor. Some of her work is available for free download from SoundCloud or via her website June won the LuxLife Holistic Health Tutor for 2019.
Jenny Brooke lived and worked at the Findhorn Foundation in the 1970’s. She is a trained Rebirther, breath-work therapist and meditation teacher. She worked at the Hamar Cancer Help centre teaching relaxation and meditation, trained with the Health Education Council and ran Look After Yourself courses for various councils as well being in private practice for many years. She is a Reiki master and reflexologist and currently runs several retreats each year in North Wales and Shropshire.
Derek Murray is an award-winning filmmaker and media production educator. He worked as a documentary producer/director in the UK and development co-producer in film & TV in both the US and UK before becoming UK co-producer for Panocast; a world leading 360 Immersive Experience/Virtual Reality technology company. He studied Screen Arts at the Northern Media School and graduated with as a Master of Arts with distinction in directing and screenwriting. His films have been shown on UK TV and at films festivals in the UK, USA and France as well as by way of permanent exhibits in the Museum of Liverpool and International Slavery Museum. More recently he has taught film and TV production as a senior lecturer in UK universities and as a visiting lecturer at the Northern Film School. Derek has been coming to Tan-y-Garth Hall for forty years studying under Khen Ratcliffe and Don Lord. He is currently acting Resident Custodian of Tan-y-Garth Hall, Secretary of the International Hermeneutic Society and a cancer survivor.

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