hand in heartPlease see below testimonials from those I have shared my journey with,  who have attended my courses or who have exhibited at the exhibitions.   My heart is filled with gratitude for those who have taken the time to write them, I am truly blessed to have these wonderful people in my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

'Sit for a moment and just breathe, do not expect anything else of yourself other than to breathe.  Just follow your breath in and out and allow yourself to know that at this moment in time, everything is perfect, nothing else matters, you are at one with your breath and the only thing you have is your breath.' 

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AAMAR Logo'June is the most loving, giving person I know. She is my Reiki Master, having taught me over a number of years. She is always available to share her knowledge and experience and exudes a sense of peace and calm. She is widely respected and well known, bringing people together with joy and fun.
Thank you June for opening my eyes and helping me on the path I am now following.'

Sue Rigby, Hands for Healing, Shropshire

AAMAR Logo'It was a privilege to have trained with June, it was great course with lots of opportunity for practising healing. June was happy to answer any questions, and was encouraging and supportive throughout the course, always with a smile and a helping hand to build our confidence, I learnt such a lot and my personal development just grew and grew. Would definitely recommend this course anyone looking into spiritual healing or just for personal development.' Mair Evans, Newtown, Powys 30 November, 2017 (Completed 2 year healing course)

AAMAR Logo'I am really excited that June is now concentrating her time, energy and many talents on her teaching and healing work. I have known June for fifteen years and during this time have been fortunate to experience both amazing healing and teaching from her, and also her genuine generosity of spirit and kindness of soul. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in accessing any of the opportunities offered through AAMAR Healing seize the opportunity.'
Yvonne Harris 25.10.2017  Sheffield
AAMAR Logo'June has, for as long as I have known her, been supporting and aiding the development of people to the highest standard. Her aims and intentions are of the highest calibre and she knows how to find the benefit in any situation. I can strongly recommend her as both a fantastic healer and as a dedicated and noteworthy teacher who gains much respect from her clients and students for the quality of the services she provides.'
Director, Centre for Integral Health, Shrewsbury

AAMAR Logo"June is a wonderful lady who teaches everyone for the right reason, because she loves it and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to heal and be healed.

I am sure everyone who knows June will agree she is one in a million."

Kerry Whittaker, Shrewsbury
AAMAR Logo'It is always a great pleasure working with June. She has assisted me with opening and closing ceremonies with her wonderful assisting bringing everyone together as one with voices, chants and songs. Her chanting workshops are incredible and to be experienced. Her warmth and authenticity shine through the sharing of these songs and lighten up my heart, free my mind and energise my soul.'
Katie, Creuynni Complementary Healthcare, Wrexham & North Wales

AAMAR Logo'On 19th October I attended a workshop at the Priory School, Shrewsbury, 'Introduction to Sound Healing' run by June Meagher.  It was very informative and the group was run in a participative way with every group member being made welcome to have a go with experiments. It soon became clear as to June's deep knowledge on this subject and she clearly explained the aims & objectives of the workshop at the beginning of the session. Much was covered in such a short space of time yet it wasn't hurried and to add to our learning all participants were given a very informative handout.  June clearly explained in the introduction what was to be covered in the session, by explanation, demonstration and experimentation.  Learning was clear, concise and easily understood. The session ended with June clarifying what we had covered and a feedback form. Highly recommended.'

Chris Thorn, Didgeridoo Healing Centre, Shrewsbury


AAMAR Logo'June Meagher is an intuitive teacher who has the capacity to pass on knowledge with wonderful humour, integrity and warmth. She knows exactly what her students' unique needs are and passes knowledge and skills on in the most loving and beautiful way. June is one of those rare people who feels just like sunshine and I feel honoured to be one of her students (I’m learning all the time!) I have done reiki 1 and reiki 2 with June and have attended other courses including June’s mindfulness course which I highly recommend. It’s difficult to put into words how special June is and what an incredible teacher she is. Meeting June and becoming one of her students changed my life in the most positive way, I highly recommend her!'

Teresa Love, Shrewsbury 

AAMAR LogoJune is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and it is a genuine privilege to know her personally and professionally. I have taken part in her meditation sessions and chanting workshops and have received spiritual healing from her – something that I didn’t believe in until I found that it was working, and that June could accurately perceive what parts of my body were struggling before they had showed me any signs of sickness. June is so gentle and accepting; a lovely, lovely woman, who has always made my child and me feel completely comfortable. It is because of her, of who she is, that her work is so powerful, because (I believe) for us to be able to open our minds, shift any of our paradigms, or even just to be able to relax in a workshop we need to feel welcome, accepted, and held equal, with a non-self-righteous sense of trust and ease. June naturally offers these things by creating an environment which mirrors who she is; wise, beautiful, gentle, strong, full of spiritual gifts yet completely down to earth and ready with laughter and fun, working with you and never placing herself – with her many wonderful gifts, knowledge and expertise  – above you.

Ruth McClaughry,  October, 2017



I was taught Reik1 & 2 with June in 2007. Her teaching is exemplary and very professional. June makes the learning such fun with her wonderful sense of humour. If anyone is thinking of learing Reiki I would wholeheartedly recommend June as your teacher!

Teresa Lewis Natural Healing, Llandinum

AAMAR LogoWhat can I say, June is just a amazing person I first met her a few years ago at conscious camp and that's the time my life changed. I have done my Reiki levels 1 and 2 and soon I'll be starting my Masters which is really exciting. Apart from the Reiki I have also done a few other courses with June and each and everyone is just brilliant lots of information and also fun I can't recommend June enough she is a Angel 😇

Kristian Ellis, Shrewsbury



I had the pleasure of attending a Toning and Chanting Meditation session at the Priory School in Shrewsbury. Each section of the evening was clearly outllined, explained and demonstrated by June. We each had an opportunity to practice and work with the new skills.
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, as the evening progressed we all worked together as a group rather than as an individual. I learned so much from this evening workshop and can recommend that you go to one of Junes workshops, you will not be disappointed 🙂 I can't wait to go to another.
Marjorie Featherstone, Namaste, Llangollen


I have known June for a number of years after being recommended to do my Reiki Master level 3 and Master Teacher with her.  I also went on to bring my daughter from Bury in Lancashire to do the Raiki Master attunement that June offers.

June works for the benefit of the people to further healing, to promote Reiki and other healing modalities in a not for profit way.  Learning Holistic therapies with June is a pleasure and June ensures that all students can afford to become a part of holistic studies.

June runs a wonderful website AAMAR HEALING with a wealth of information and facilities.  She also regularly organises and runs an annual exhibition with free entry which brings together many like minded people under one roof to enjoy a very welcome mix of stallholders and workshop speakers.

I must also mention that in 2010 I had a total mastectomy due to breast cancer and a hip replacement due to osteoarthritis in the same year, June travelled all the way from her home to my home in Telford to give me unconditional Reiki for free.  I can't say how much that meant to me when I was badly housebound and feeling sorry for myself.

I feel  Reiki has helped me so much and I have been back to work these past years.  Ironically, I now work shifts so have missed last years' exhibition by June!  Knowing there are special people like June promoting health & healing in such a thoughtful and affordable way makes me happy to live in the Midlands.

Lucy Lamazares, Telford