Elemental is the name given for all nature sprites, plant devas, air sylphs, water endines etc. You might picture a delightful fairy sitting on a toadstool. Their real appearance is a tiny pinprick of light /energy which can flit and dart. Their energy is powerful – when they work together, wonderful things can happen. Their work is a lot more serious than we give them credit for e.g. they work on plants with medicinal properties to treat illness that we already have but also for those that will come in the future.

It is known that we have 7 main energy centres called chakras. The elementals have the ability to activate a new energy centre called the Thymus Chakra, which we may have but are not using yet. This chakra helps us to develop love and compassion; to become more aware and sensitive to energies around us and to clear our own energies of blocked emotions.

Lady Brigid, the spokesperson for the elementals will be brought through to speak to you by one of our mediums. You will spend the morning being creative and making your own chart. During this time you may be inspired to write poetry, draw or just enjoy being in their energy. The afternoon session will be devoted to healing where each person will have their Thymus Chakra gently activated.

The workshop is limited to 15 persons and costs £15 each. Please bring a packed lunch with you.  17 July

This workshop is not suitable for under 16 years old as children develop the chakra system as they grow

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