3 day SOUND HEALING RETREAT:  Healing with the Sacred Scale with international sound healer Carla Rose Kelly

Come to be Certified or Just for the Healing

July 31, August 1, August 2 from 9a.m.-4p.m. daily

Teacher:  Carla Rose Kelly, Master Healer with Music

Peacehaven Healing Center

For the first time, the Sacred Scale and its instruments, specially made for healing are offered in the United Kingdom.  For those that want to be certified, the retreat includes a Sacred Scale HarpTM, a Sacred Scale workbook, for an all-inclusive price of 575 GBP.

For those coming for a 3 day healing retreat without certification, you do not take home a harp;  your price is 175 GBP.

This is an interactive workshop for anyone interested in learning about healing with music, in particular, the Sacred Scale.  Participants do not need to have a musical background but seasoned musicians are welcome.  Level 1 is an introductory level, setting all the groundwork for becoming a confident Healer with Sacred Scale Music.  This workshop is fun, enlightening and powerfully healing, as you explore the Sacred Scale, its methodology for healing, in a give and receive manner.

The Sacred Scale is 9 notes, all in tune with each other, so dissonance is impossible, and improvisational music is extremely easy.  The Sacred Scale is in tune with the Laws of Nature, in tune with YOU.  The purpose of the Sacred Scale is for healing and ascension, the original purpose of music.

By the End of the 3 Day Course, You Will Be Able To:

  • connect with your inner composer self, and improvise music on the Sacred Scale musical instruments
  • use Sacred Scale music as a healing tool for any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disorders in yourself or others
  • use Sacred Scale music as a tool for Ascension/connecting with your full potential or helping others connect with their full potential
  • understand the power within the music of the Sacred Scale
  • understand the power of words in spoken, written and musical language
  • create an appropriate healing atmosphere through music
  • have the tools to master your song

You Will Learn:

  • History:  Power of Music Then and Now; Original Purpose of Music; Our Earliest Understanding of Music; How Tuning Has Changed Over Time; How Equal Temperament Changed Harmony (& Why You Should Care); We are All Musical
  • Our Most Sacred Scale:  The Most Sacred Scale For Mankind; Sacred Scale: Its Inherent Powers; The Math Behind the Music; The Harmonies in the Sacred Scale:  In Tune with Nature, In Tune with You
  • Healing With the Sacred Scale:  Understanding Where Healing Comes From and Our Creative Potential; Return of Our Original Medicine; Healing Terms Defined; Physiological Response to Sounds; Methodology for Miracles with the Sacred Scale; The Power Explained
  • Mastering our Word/Song
  • Scientific Research:  Human Intention Affects our “Physical Reality”; DNA Repair; DNA Reprogramming; How our Thoughts Affect Food Preparation; Creation:  Sound Waves Moving Matter; Dr. Masaru Emoto:  Water Reflects Thought; Sacred Scale Research
  • Participants would be required to bring a yoga mat/blanket/pillows for their comfort for experiencing the music. Pariticipants would supply their own lunch.  Tea, water and snacks will be provided.

About Carla Rose Kelly

Carla Rose began piano lessons at age 4, becoming an award-winning pianist, with over 30 Kiwanis Music Festival Awards, and a music scholarship.  Carla Rose performed on National TV and by age 16 was a piano-bar entertainer.  From an early age, she found the transformational powers of music fascinating.
Carla Rose Kelly also figure skated during her growing years, as a soloist and precision skater winning numerous trophies.  As an adult, Carla Rose joined the Watford Precision team, competing internationally in Lake Placid winning a silver medal.
Carla Rose often solo performed in her church choir of 10 years, followed by University of Western Ontario’s Concert Choir, and 2 Gilbert & Sullivan Musicals:  Princess Ida, and The Gondoliers.  She began private vocal studies with Conservatory Canada as an adult.
Her 3 post secondary diplomas include BA in Social Sciences from University of Western Ontario, Diploma in Law & Security from Fanshawe College, and Diploma in Adult Education from St. Xavier University.  Following these diplomas, Carla Rose continued studies in the Healing Arts becoming a master/teacher in various alternative healing techniques.  These include  Master Sacred Sound Healer, Master in Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Master in Karuna® Reiki, Master in Reiki Drumming, Axiatonal Alignment Therapist, Meditation Breathwork Facilitator, Advanced Crystal Therapist, Intuitive Healer, and Ear Candler.  She now facilitates international Sacred Scale Retreats.  Carla Rose is a master of healing with music, specializing in the Sacred Scale.
Her life has been devoted to helping others.  Her teaching has been in the school classroom, Church Sunday School, Yamaha Music School, Royal Conservatory of Music, Youth Detention Centres, Head Injury Centre, Rehabilitation Consultant, and Probation & Parole Counselling.

During her 25 years teaching Royal Conservaotry piano and theory, Carla Rose was inspired to compose over 50 children’s pieces, and create the L’il Musicians Club©, an early education program about music and nature.

One day Carla Rose learned that the diatonic scale she had been playing her whole life was out of tune with the “Laws of Nature”. This was quite concerning to her, as she understood through the laws of entrainment how we are affected by all the sounds around us.  She wondered if this is why people continue to struggle for peace, balance, and well-being despite living in an age with the most advanced medical technology.  In fact, there seems to be more disease today.  So she went back into her history of music books to research how the diatonic scale became out of tune with nature, with humans.  Carla Rose learned that for the last 100 years we have been using a standardized Equal Temperament Tuning System using A as 440hz.  Professional musicians were starting to question this.  Carla Rose came across Alan Howarth’s RA frequencies, based on the Egyptian Pyramid Sound Chambers, where A=424hz.  She retuned her piano to 424hz and has been enjoying it ever since.  Still, it is equal tempered, so we are not truly getting pure intervals, which are having an effect on the harmony within us.  Her research continued to find something that was in tune with the laws of nature.

One day upon returning home from a chiropractic adjustment, when she felt very clear, she received inspiration to put 9 frequencies onto a lap harp, and drew it out on paper.  That weekend she met a harp luthier who built her the first Sacred Scale Harp.
Next Carla Rose developed the Sacred ScaleTM Music Education Program, and Sacred ScaleTM Musical Instruments.  She joined the International Association of Music and Medicine in 2012 when she began quantitative research on the healing effects of the Sacred Scale with Researcher Julia MacKinley.  In 2013, Carla Rose and Julia MacKinley presented their outstanding research results at the University of Georgia, Faculty of Music, which was very well received.  In 2014, they presented further research results at the Faculty of Music, Toronto, Ontario, also very well received.
Carla Rose teaches Sacred Scale Music Education in Canada, United States, and Japan with plans for Australia.
People come of all ages from far and wide to receive healings from Carla Rose Kelly.  She has helped many people overcome depression, grief, anxiety, pain, as well as serious diseases such as cancers, tumors, arthritis, digestive disorders, STD’s, viruses, heart disease, spiritual diseases, etc..
Ongoing classes at her home include vocal and piano lessons, meditation classes, reiki classes, healing with music classes including Sacred Scale Music Education Program.


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