UGC Shrewsbury

UGC Shrewsbury

June Meagher is now managing the Universal God Centre (UGC) in Shrewsbury and is looking for therapists and workshop leaders to join her is creating a centre of holistic and wellbeing excellence. Currently we are offering Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and Reflexology and want to increase this offering.  We also want to be running a free monthly clinic for people who cannot afford therapies, particularly those who are isolated or the elderly. A full programme of various events is in the process of being created including music, poetry and dance.

The UGC is all about promoting the Universal God Message of Peace and is a charity set up by Charity Trustees: Dr L A Tuncer, Dr M R A Bassett, and Dr A S  Dore.

If you are interested in working from the centre, please contact June via or call 07446 298661.

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