june meagher offers Talking your walk

June Meagher offers a new series of interviews called ‘Talking Your Walk’ featuring healers, therapists, environmentalists, authors, and musicians.  The interviewees discuss what kind of children they were, what type of jobs they had, and how they got to where they are now.  “It has been absolutely fascinating to learn how many people I know or have heard of have got to where they are.  Some were told they were dyslexic, one of those went on to be a pioneering computer and AI researcher at Stamford University.  Some flitted from job to job, some felt they did not belong and some became either ill or had accidents that changed their lives.  I have been so lucky to have this opportunity to speak with people I have admired and who do great work.”

The series features Keith Higgs, Carla Rose Kelly, Ben Calder Mags O’Brien, Caroling Rolling, Dhyan Ji, Mike Barron, Dr Anna Hayes, Penny Humphries, Thomas Stacey, Dr Matthew Lindley, Carmen Lyndley, Annie Day, Olly Boon, Marcus Matthews, Hilary Pound, Allison Timmins, Suzanne McGill, Judy Fenton, Lisa Richards, Richard Down, Jayne Hopwood, Sue Rigby, Fab Ray, Alison Rowanna Hayes, Rosie Brown, Rob Chapman, Donna Walker, Andrea Proffitt, Amanda Vernalls, Karen Yale, Donna Walker, Katherine Creyunni and with more being added every week.

All of the videos that June Meagher offers can be viewed on the Talking Your Walk YouTube channel

If you would like to take part please do contact June Meagher via the Contact Page.

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