Introduction to Spirituality

May 6, 2018

Introduction to Spirituality

Saturday 12th May- Shrewsbury

Come and learn some basics of spirituality, the perfect addition to your yoga practice or to any interest in energy, healing or spirits. Feel supported and enlivened in your learning. Lots of thought provoking tips, calming meditations, breath work and practices to take into your daily practice for next level health, happiness and productivity.
Some of the things we will touch on:
Meditation and grounding
Chakra energy
Healing yourself
£30 for 3 hours. There will be tea & cake available.

Feel free to text Ruth on 07853 276884 for more details.

Ruth has trained for years with Jane Hardwick Collings, learning about the cycles of life, meditation, journeying and so much more. She also has a Theology degree from the University of Birmingham. And has spent her whole life feeling into her truth. Teachings are based on Buddhist thought, Hindu practices, Shamanic practices, Goddess Theology, Pagan ideas and much more.

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