Crystal Grid Workshop Llangollen

May 6, 2018

Crystal Grid Workshop Llangollen

Image may contain: foodHave you wondered how to build your own crystal grid to attract health, healing, love, abundance and protection. Then look no further. Come along to Namaste Wales Holistics and enjoy participating in our workshop and meeting other like minded people.
This workshop will focus on:
* Cleansing and caring for your crystals
* Particular crystals, their metaphysical properties and how placing
these crystals in different combinations alters the way in which
they work for you and with you
* How to charge and activate your crystal grid
* Explore various grid patterns, practical activity

Cost £15 per person, there are handouts to take away and also a short break where ight refreshments including biscuits will be served…Booking is essential to secure a place plus a small deposit (non refundable), contact Namaste-Wales Holistics here on our Facebook page or on our Llangollen telephone number 01978 * 860564

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