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Introduction to Psychic, Mediumship and Healing – Shrewsbury

An ideal introduction to mediumship, psychic awareness and energy which will allow you to look at the difference between them before you commit to any one learning path.

Join Amelia-Alice and June Meagher to explore the areas of mediumship, psychic ability and energy on Saturday, 14th April, 2018 at the Centre for Integral Health, The Old School House, St Austins Friar, Shrewsbury from 10 am – 5 pm.   Many people think they are psychic or a medium or a healer but not really sure therefore this workshop will reveal where your strengths are.  You may simply be interested in developing what you already have but not sure how to.

During the day we will:

  • Explain the difference between the different modalities
  • Do exercises to see where your strengths lay
  • Tap into your abilities and level of awareness
  • Encourage you to develop hidden abilities

Cost for the day £40

Please bring packed lunch.  Refreshments will be provided


Amelia-Alice is a fourth generation spiritual psychic medium and works throughout Great Britain, passing on messages to loved ones from friends and family who have crossed over to the spirit world. Since she was three years old Amelia-Alice has been able to communicate with spirit, her ability to do this was seen as normal within the family due to both her Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers also being spirit communicators. Amelia-Alice is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, meaning she can see, feel and hear spirit.

Amelia-Alice believes as a medium she is the middle person or bridge between the physical realms and the spirit world, being able to interpret the messages our loved ones in spirit have to bring.

Although she is a natural medium her continued professional development is important to her and she has studied at the Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead and the now renamed Barbanell Centre in Stafford working alongside many different international mediums. As well as giving demonstrations of mediumship, she devotes her time to teaching and developing other spiritual mediums. Amelia-Alice, also works with a collaborative group of spiritual psychic mediums in the USA who aid the authorities on missing person cases, cold cases and other investigative areas, she also writes for the Psychic Insight Magazine as one of its regular quarterly columnists.

June Meagher

June MeagherJune, like Amelia-Alice has been healing since she was a child.   June has studied various spiritual and holistic therapies over the past 40 years and is a trustee,  tutor and assessor for the Peacehaven Healing Centre which is fully accredited under BAHA- The British Alliance of Healing Associations. June holds workshops and courses around the UK.  A founding Trustee of Sound4Healing, a charitable foundation aimed at funding sound healing research, June is also a past trustee of the Healing Trust (NFSH) one of the UK’s largest healing organisations.

June is the founder of the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies that used to be held annually in Oswestry until 2007 and is now held in Shrewsbury and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the UK.  As one of the largest free holistic events in the UK, the last Exhibition had over 110 exhibitors and 24 speakers. June owns the LinkedIn Group Healers & Therapists news which has over 18,000 members from across the globe. June has been the resident holistic tutor at the Priory Business & Training School, Shrewsbury for over 10 years.   June was a past Director of Chemical Watch, a global regulatory news service to the Chemicals Industry.



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