Simple techniques for neck pain

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Simple techiques for neck pain

Self-Care to help relieve tension and stress in a stiff and painful neck. Dr. Anna Hayes, Ph.D., from Ortho-Bionomy UK, shows you step-by-step how you can help to relieve and release tension in the muscles of your neck following simple techniques from the Ortho-Bionomy, thus increasing your range of movement and helping to reduce pain and stiffness.

After completing the self-care treatment, your body will continue to react and you may find that you only notice the full benefit after two or three days. It’s a good idea to give your body this time to reorganise before repeating these self-care techniques.

Self-care techniques should not be considered as an alternative to a therapy session from a qualified Ortho-Bionomy practitioner but as complementary to this. There are many Ortho-Bionomy practitioners around the world. You will find me in Ellesmere, North Shropshire in the UK:

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