Shamanic dance and journeying with live drumming

Shamanic dance

A day of Shamanic dance and journeying with live drumming £50

With Paul Cerigo and Ruth Hummingford
Saturday 11th December
9.30am to 4pm

Eurythmy room
Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School,
9 Love Lane, Stourbridge, DY8 2DA

Existence in this world can seem dull and pointless when you are not expressing your soul.
The purpose of this form of dancing is to free blocked aspects of the soul into joyful

Dancing to the drum has been used throughout the centuries by many cultures to facilitate
free flowing expression. The drumming naturally drives the movements of your body and the
movement gradually releases what is blocked.

You can enter your journey with a specific intent or you can just allow the drumming to take
you where it is best for your soul to go. You may experience the release of unwanted
emotions like pain anger grief and frustration or the drumming may help you to directly
access your soul’s true feelings – your love, your inner light and the power /life force that
pours naturally into you when you allow yourself to freely express your inner being.
Paul and Ruth have both studied shamanic teachings with Leo Rutherford. They are brilliant
drummers with both the sensitivity and the skill that is needed to drum for this kind of
spiritual purpose.

The eurythmy room is an absolutely beautiful space for this kind of work.
We will provide plenty of spring water but it is good to have your own bottle with you. We
will provide teas and coffee and some food. We ask that everyone also brings some food to
share –best not to bring food that is heavy on the stomach so jam roly poly suet puddings,
(however delicious!) are probably not the ideal plan!

The cost for the day is £50 per person.
Please contact me if you are short of funds, work exchange may be available.
Contact Helen Ford on 01384370740
Or email

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