Resisting injury by Corona virus Dr Helen Ford

Helen Ford
Subject:  Resisting injury by Corona virus by Dr Helen Ford
The evidence  from my own work indicates that physical illness occurs when a person becomes separated from their own soul in some way or in certain circumstances. The physical illness can be healed by a restoration of soul’s free flow.
So I asked my group to do some work on tuning in to what makes people susceptible to this virus and what increases their resistance to it.
Here are the answers they obtained by tuning in to the following questions
Q. What strengthens resistance to Corona virus?
Answers ; ‘Calm hearted-  pouring out pure heart love knowing it has the power to make all things well. Joyous about this fact,’ ‘High sky clear. Its not going to overtake my body.’ ‘Full of joy , strength purpose’ ‘ Strength in doing what I want to do and enjoying myself.’ ‘Powerful, upright, I’m in charge of my life no question. ‘ ,’ I have the resources to make my life as I want. I put out a good energy into life and all I’m drawn to do .Spirit supports this , life is good and I can sail through anything unharmed’, ‘Completely aligned, centered in a wonderful universe ‘
Q What causes vulnerability to Corona virus?
Answers; ‘Passive,  helpless, overwhelmed, no inner resource to deal with things.’ ‘ Nervous, out of control, in other people’s hands, no self help options.’ ‘ Not able to breathe’ ‘No power, no resources, passive in it all.’ ‘Sad, withdrawn, weak ,powerless -have to accept what comes.’ ‘Powerless, under control of others.’
These answers pretty much boil down to whether  you believe you have the power to use your own inner resources to make your own life as your heart desires it to be or whether you believe that you are without inner resources and at the mercy of your environment.

A normal virus does not want to kill its hosts. It just wants to multiply itself freely. I consider it likely that the virus will have an affinity with the energy fields of passivity and helplessness where it finds them in humans and will take the opportunity to spread itself throughout their bodies.
It is interesting that it is suggested that the virus developed in the ‘wet’ markets in China where captured naturally wild animals are kept confined to cages awaiting the prospect of being used in some way by human beings either as food or as a toy. These animals are helpless.
One reaction to the experience of feeling helpless or powerless is to accumulate anger and then let it loose in a rampage to invade or overpower your enemy.

We may find it useful to consider what it is that prevents us from feeling free to flow from the soul. Ideally we will naturally become aware of each soul’s right action as it arises from within and then allow that right action to flow naturally into expression. This natural process can be inhibited by many things. In my experience the most frequent cause of this inhibition of these is listening to others and what is outside ourselves  rather than listening in to and trusting our own inner knowings,  our own feelings of inner rightness and the way our hearts naturally open what something or someone is genuinely true.

We may listen to others because we  (and they!) think they are more knowledgeable and this gives them a right to dictate to others. But each individual actually knows what is truly right for him or herself.
We may listen to what is outside ourselves because of fear – the fear that we won’t fit unless we mimic the behaviour patterns of our community. This fear can be deeply ingrained because it often originates in the mother and children are naturally inclined to absorb their mother’s fears as well as her strategies of how to behave to alleviate those fears (Ie ‘try to fit in in case you are cast out!’ – But imagine row upon row of daffodils all the same and the contrast with a garden that is full of a variety of plants which take their turns to grow, flower and fruit and create beauty by each contribution)
We may listen to outside because of bullying and threats (going to ‘hell’ was a pretty effective threat for a few centuries!)
We may listen to someone else because we love them and we want them to love us. But if you think about yourself and the people you find easy to love you are likely to find that it is easier to love those who are true to themselves. You can trust them. You know where you stand. It follows that they are more likely to love you when you are fully centred in own inner truth.
Some people believe that if everyone were to listen inwards and flow freely from the soul there would be chaos. Just look at nature. Nothing is trying to be anything other than itself. The result is an endless array of beauty.
Some people have experienced that when they are truly happy in being themselves and following their own flow others become jealous or very sad. So they self inhibit in order not to cause pain to others (jealousy is a super painful state). People who are jealous or sad need inspiration. They need others to show them how to be happy and how to make their own lives work. You are not helping them in the long term by shutting yourself down even if your own shut down seems to temporarily alleviate their suffering.
We are each a unique expression of Spirit and our gift to life is to allow that uniqueness to flow into form and action. If you shut down your own flow for any reason you will become sad and maybe angry and you will make yourself vulnerable to illness. An illness is trying to tell you something , to push you into change, into accessing your own inner resources to put things right. Facing this particular virus offers all of us the opportunity to hold fast to our own potential for joy in being alive in a body on this amazing planet where we have the freedom to create whatever life we choose – whether we let our hearts choose  the life of the soul or whether we let ourselves passively accept a life that is simply a copy of a mess that we incarnated into.
Practical physical suggestions
Our group did some kinesiology style arm testing on a few issues  -herewith some results
Vitamin c Helpful
Zinc helpful
Nature helpful
Laughter helpful
Sugar not helpful
Eggs from battery farmed chickens not helpful
Proper free range eggs ok
Cows milk not helpful but might be ok if non pasteurised and free range cows you would have to test for yourself what is right for you
I also read some research that indicates that the virus can be found in the gut in many cases. This suggests that the hand washing routines can be really useful in preventing the spread of infection. The article also suggested regular toilet cleaning and keeping toilet lid shut (I think Feng Shui also likes the lid shut idea as a general principle).
If I find anything else useful I will put it on the Facebook page.
Meanwhile go well .
Helen Ford

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