Reiki II with June Meagher – 7/8 March near Welshpool

Peacehaven Healing Centre

In Reiki II you will learn the symbols and be attuned to the second degree of this gentle method of healing. Learn about the emotional causes of illness, distant healing, channelling energy, the code of ethics and how to set up a practice. This is the practitioner level which will allow you to become a professional Reiki practitioner and you will be required to do various assessments in order to gain your certificate. The Reiki II course is taught by June Meagher, AAMAR Healing

Held over 2 days this course is very intense and you will have to show that you have been attended a Reiki I course.  You will then have 3 months to complete your assessments.

To book contact June Meagher on 07446 298661 or email

Peacehaven Healing Centre, Nr Berriew, Welshpool. SY21 8AT   Course costs £50 (there are come concessionary rates available)     Please bring indoor shoes, a packed lunch.

Before this attunement you may want to try and relax and eat a simple diet.

Peacehaven Healing CentreAbout Peacehaven Healing Centre

Peacehaven is a haven of peace in the tranquil and beautiful countryside of Montgomeryshire.   Set in six acres of beautiful gardens including a healing sanctuary it is a place of healing, embracing ancient earth energies and the  universal creative essence. June and Marion are here as custodians of this special  place and wish to share with you our vision of Peacehaven as a centre of light and healing that will assist you on your journey to realise your  latent potential.

Towards the sanctury

Peacehaven Healing Centre was formed by the late David Robinson and his wife Marion to promote healing, personal development and transformation in a safe and caring environment at affordable prices.  There are many good bed and breakfast providers in the area should you wish to stay over during the workshops.

To book this course email or call 07446 298661

About June Meagher of AAMARhealing

AAMARHealing and Healers & Therapists News were set up by June Meagher in memory of her parents Alex And Mary to promote holistic therapies to those who either can not afford the high tuition costs or those who are interested in a therapy but want to see what it is about before committing themselves to a long term period of learning. June has studied various spiritual and holistic therapies over the past 30 years and is a trustee, tutor and assessor for the Peacehaven Healing Centre which is fully accredited under BAHA. June also teaches and talks locally as well as nationally and promotes the courses and workshops held by other therapists. June recently became a Trustee of Sound4Healing, a charitable foundation aimed at funding sound healing research. June organises the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies and is also a past trustee of the Healing Trust (NFSH)

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