LivingWell 2023, The Quarry, 2nd July speaker update

We have now finalised the speakers and exhibitor list for LivingWell 2023 this Sunday, 2nd July, 2023.  This FREE event will take place in The Quarry from between 10.30 a.m. and 4.30 pm and we have a packed agenda for you throughout the day.

Times Bandstand
1145 hrs – 1245 hrs June Meagher & Tom Grierson eternal sea An infusion of contemporary music with ancient chants
Times Speakers Tent 1
1030 hrs – 1100 hrs Rob Chapman Meditation
1230 hrs – 1300 hrs Rebecca Rea Animal Healing & Meditation
1315 hrs – 1400 hrs Sahara Alexander Yoga
1405 hrs – 1435 hrs Armiche Barreno Japanese Integrated Medicine
1445 hrs – 1515 hrs Marica Sarcina Pilates Session
1525 hrs – 1555 hrs Sue Davies Yoga for Childrens Mental Heallth
1600 hrs – 1630 hrs Sky Pound The Bowen Technique
Times Speakers Tent 2 in the field
1030 hrs – 1100 hrs Jenny Brook Silent Presence
1115 hrs – 1200 hrs ViX Sounds for the Chakras
1215 hrs – 1245 hrs Ben Calder 5 Element Qigong
1300 hrs – 1330 hrs Leah Martini What is EMDR
1345 hrs – 1415 hrs Dhyan Ji Darshan
1420 hrs – 1450 hrs Clare George Gut Health – Gut as the 2nd Brain
1500 hrs – 1545 hrs Dr Helen Ford Opening the Heart
1600 hrs – 1630 hrs Gavin McKenzie Light Therapy
Times Speakers Tent 3 in the field
1030 hrs – 1100 hrs Kyle Howells Cold Water Therapy
1115 hrs – 1200 hrs Alan Harris& Robert Nutt Ascension Healing
1300 hrs – 1330 hrs Sky & Nicola Shamanic Drumming
1345 hrs – 1415 hrs Matthew Kelvie Drumming Workshop – Drums provided or bring your own
1420 hrs – 1450 hrs Mags O’Brien Transforming your life
1500 hrs – 1530 hrs Olly Atman Ellis Men’s Circle
1230 hrs – 1300hrs Caroline Rolling EFT
1500 hrs – 1530 hrs Caroline Rolling EFT
1120 hrs – 1150 hrs Jo Plimmer Pendulum Workshop
1420 hrs – 1450 hrs Jo Plimmer Pendulum Workshop
1600 hrs – 1630 hrs Jo Plimmer Pendulum Workshop
Various Times Brahma Kumaris Organisation Meditation at various times throughout the day

Exhibitors include

Air Ambulance Midlands Air Ambulance Charity
Alan Harris Chakrascension TM
Alison Haines Rowanna Tarot/Psychic Readings
Amanda Vernalls Amanda Vernalls
Amy Burrows Empress of the Moon
Andrew Perry Andrew Perry Massage
Aranya Condon Thai Massage
Armiche Barreno Sanshin Holistic Health
Arran Ford Arran Ford Massage
Atia Caterer Atia Catering
Ben Calder, Danielle Free, Marcus Matthews Centre for Integral Health
Calluna Clothing Calluna Clothing
Caroline Frost Oriental Body Balance
Caroline Rolling Finding Peace Within EFT
Cheryl McCullough The Shrewsbury Furniture Scheme
Clare George The Health Coach Habit
Debbie Burns Magnetix
Denise McGowan Denise McGowan
Dhyan Ji Elevate your Mind
Dr Helen Ford & Arran Ford Dr Helen Ford
Dr Jan Hoole Popaeg
Emily Baker Emily Baker
Emma Hirons Holi Moli Clothing
Federica TrulyTea Shop & Events
Gail Cooper Meridian Life
Gavin McKenzie Light & Sound Therapy
Gill Lewis Broadmeadow Holistic Centre
Heather Smallbone Tippy Toes Reflexology
Ian Hart Readings Ian Hart Readings
Ingrid Barisco & Kevin Dawson Ingrid Barisco & Kevin Dawson Healing & Massage
Jacqueline Champion Champion Crepes
James Kazar World Wildlife Fund
Jane Lightfoot Mystique
Janine Peters Janine Peters Reader
Jen Coult Witch Of The Willows
Jenna Blair Yoga Jenna Blair Yoga
Jenny Brooke Earthlight Community
Jenny Probin Jenny Probin Kundalini
Jev Bhalla Brahma Kumaris Organisation
Jo Draper Hugos Bar
Jo Plimmer & Claire Garbett Wood And The Trees Coaching  &  The Knotted Tree
Julia Emelogu Joolzery
Karen Jones Gios pizza italiana
Kate Schenk Mamas Cottage Mushrooms
Kaye Law Kaye Law Readings & Medium
Keith Gullis Keith Gullis Holistic WellBeing
Keith Higgs Keith Higgs Author Little Books of Love
Lana Walker BA (Hons), ITEC, CThA, CNHC, EFTMRA Body & Mind Holistics
Laura Beaumont Parry Energise Chiropractic
Leah Martin Adventurine Wellbeing
Lee Jordan-Bailey Evanji
Lisa Hardy Lisa Hardy Holistics
Liz Lane Hearts and Hooves Connection Coaching
Mags Obrien Life Transformation Specialist Limited
Maria Flanagan Healing in the Hills
Marica Sarcina Pilates
Matthew Hill Golden Glow Healing
Matthew Kelvie Totem Health
Melissa Wellness Atelier
Michelle Collier Canel & River Trust
Michelle Cooper/ Michelle Watson Thrive Well Retreats
Natasha Jones Wire Soul
Neil Barnes Cannabloom
Neil Radliffe Hummingbird Healing
Nici Welch Acorn & The Moo
Nina Nichols Nina Nichols Face-paints & fairy hair
Nina Williams Reiki with Nia
Olly Atman Ellis Olly Atman Ellis Mens Circle
Peter Hannant Utility Warehouse
Rebecca Rea Rebecca Rea Healing
Rita Baines The perfume laboratory
Rob Chapman Rob Chapman Meditations
Rob Piggin Crystal Garden
Sahara Alexander Bridgnorth Yoga Studio
Sally Hamilton Sally Hamilton Readings
Sam Farr Skin Care Boutique
Sammi Elston Raw & Refine
Shah Earth Kind Community Interest Company
Sky Pound Back on Track Therapies
Sonya Rigby Sonya Rigby Reflexology
Su Barber Su Barber Mothers & Babies
Sue Davies Believe-in Yoga
Sue Rigby Hands for Healing
Suzanne McGill Jehandra Gifts & Healling
The Woodland Trust The Woodland Trust
Tilly Gunn & Cira Martin Tranquil Minds
Titch’s Spirit Led Oracle Card Readings Titch’s Spirit Led Oracle Card Readings
Tom – Apostle Coffee Apostle Coffee
Tom Shanti Tom Shanti
Tony & Angela Simmering Cauldron
Vix Happi Life

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