June Meagher releases ‘Transition’

Om Deep Space Within

June Meagher releases ‘Transition’ in memory of Carol Morgan

Carol MorganJune Meagher has released ‘Transition’  and you can download it for free on Soundcloud.     This track was created in memory of Carol Morgan who was a volunteer at the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies and who was such a graceful and gentle being.  Her humour, grace and dignity was an inspiration and she had the most amazing smile which oozed the compassion and love that was her very essence.

Transition is about making that transition over from one existence to another, it is also about the changes we make in our life in search of awakening. Using various solfeggio frequencies and the drum slowed down to a heart beat of 60 beats per minute this track is very good for meditation and for journeying and lasts over 9 minutes. There is a pause between the 3rd and 4rth track as it represents that part of life when you cross over or when you become awakened. It has four parts, the very grounding UH followed by Aum. You can join in with the chants or just listen. Take a few deep breaths before the start and ensure you feel comfortable.  The track is from her CD ‘Om – Deep Space Within’

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