Carla Rose Kelly

Four fantastic FREE Sound Healing Events happening on the day of the Exhibition Of Healing & Complementary Therapies at the Priory School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury on Sunday, 6 December, 2015 from 11 am to 5 pm over 90 Exhibitors FREE ENTRY


Carla Rose KellyCarla Rose Kelly is flying in from Canada to hold a Sacred Sounds Workshop : Healing With the Sacred Scale at the Exhibition this Sunday. This will include an introduction to how sound/music can be used for healing and ascension, followed by an experiential group session called a SONIC BLISS where they would experience the power within the sounds/music for relief of pains, anxieties, and tensions. This will follow-up with questions, answers and discussion of their experience. Carla’s session will will start at 2 pm in the business room in Reception.

Drum11.45 Kim McMuldrow kicks off the sound healing with a Shamanic Drumming Circle, bring your own drum along. This is in the Drama Room
12.35 Chris Thorn takes us all on a magic carpet ride with his wonderful didgerdoo
2 pm Carla Rose Kelly holds a 2 hour workshop on Sacred Sound
4 p.m. Mike Barron & Gillian Evans combine their talents to bring you a Gong Bath from Mike with the beautiful voice of Gill

If sound is your thing, you cannot go wrong with this line up and
so powerful. Wow, it is going to be an amazing day.

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