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Date(s) - 23/11/2019
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Newport Shropshire TF10, England


This workshop follows on from the Bondage Breaker and continues the soul healing initiated there. They are therefore recommended as a pair.

Do you know that you can never have anything that you want? Maybe that is why adults are often heard telling children that “I want never gets”, as they look to maintain realistic expectations for their off spring and apparently prevent them from becoming spoilt. Do you also know that you already have everything that you want and need, albeit buried and hidden deep inside yourself. If you want more money right now, work on building your inner value, for that is the reason you lack what you want. If you want to meet a romantic partner and fall in love, spend time falling in love with yourself and your desire is guaranteed. When we work on uncovering what we want within ourselves, we cannot fail but manifest it also in the material realm; this is Universal law.

By coming to fully understand and appreciate lack in our lives and the hidden messages which the Universe mirrors to us through this, we can liberate ourselves from our personal prison and finally manifest what we have long been waiting for.

Join this class to delve deeper into why we lack in our lives and how we can transcend this through understanding and appreciation.


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