Dr Helen Ford to speak about Soul Power in Oswestry

Dr Helen Ford, the respected holistic physician and author will talk about Power : True (soul) power and dark power at the Healers & Therapists Conference & Exhibition which is open to anyone who has an interest in holistic and wellbeing therapies and free for the public to attend on 1st March, 2020 from 11 am to 5 pm.

The need for a life-saving information service for cancer patients.

Dr Peter Kay is a UK born, retired Australian trained molecular pathologist and cancer specialist. Following his return home to the UK, he began to be asked many questions about cancer. You can hear Dr Kay speak on the need for a life-saving information service for cancer patients at the forthcoming Healers & Therapists Conference & Exhibition at The Oswestry Memorial Hall, Smithfield Street, Oswestry on Sunday, 1st March, 2020. The conference and exhibition will feature 12 free lectures and workshops as well as have over 40 exhibitors showcasing various holistic disciplines including massage, Reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, healing, hypnotherapy and reflexology.

Dr Kay and Dr Ford will be joined by Dr Anna Hay, Ben Calder and many other medical and holistic experts from around the UK to discuss a wide range of wellbeing subjects including working with animals. Dr Kay, a current research scientist at the Health Sciences Academy, will discuss Chemotherapy. Dr Anna Hayes will be looking at pelvic alignment. You can join in on a mindful movement session with Ben Calder or hear animal behaviorist Caroline Lewis discuss how to talk to your animals. For the more adventurous of visitors why not join Jenny Wilde-Knight for an introduction to belly dancing and have some fun. Local Nutritionist, Natasha Wilcock will instruct you on how to help avoid the afternoon dip most people experience whilst global influencer Louise Hay teacher, Penny Humphries will discuss her teachings. The founders of Chakrascension Alan Harris and Robert Nutt will lead a gentle meditation.

Exhibitors and speakers include:

Rob Chapman
Dr Anna Hayes
Alan Harris & Robert Nutt
Rob Piggen
Lisa Lochhead
Jane Lightfoot
Kaye Law
Penny Humphries
Jenny Brooke
Alison Rowena
Caroline Lewis
Carmen Lyndley
Suzanne McGill
Andie Amis
Cathy Finch
Grace Lockheart
Matthew Lindley
Natasha Wilcock
Jenny Wilde-Knight
Sue Miller
Emily Baker
Liza Colley
Allison Timmons
Tony & Angela
Michael Jepson
Nicky Ayton
Jeremy Derrick
Ben Calder
Dr Peter Kay
Rachel Pittaway
Dr Helen Ford
Samantha Pittman
Dhyan Ji


The event is being organised by June Meagher of AAMAR Healing who first held an exhibition at the Memorial Hall nearly 18 years ago. June will be organising 4 events this year in Oswestry which will showcase some of the UK’s best wellbeing practitioners, therapists and readers and is open to anyone who is interested in wellbeing. Kids are welcome and there will be activities for them including face painting and mandala making.

June can be contacted via june@aamarhealing.co.uk 07446 298661


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