Carla Rose Kelly

3 Day Sound Healing: Healing with SACRED SCALE™ Music

Peacehaven Healing Center
December 7, 8 and 9th, 2015, 9a.m.-5p.m. daily.
Carla Rose KellyFor the first time, the SACRED SCALE™ Certification Program and its instruments, specially made for healing are offered in the UK. This 3 day course is suitable for those that want to be certified as a SACRED SCALE™ Healer, or for those who want to come out for the healing and SACRED SCALE™ sounds, to those that want to connect with their inner musical or composer self. This is a self-development program for heart-centered individuals that is profoundly healing, enlightning and empowering. No musical experience is necessary, although seasoned musicians are welcome.
Level 1 is an introductory level, setting all the groundwork for becoming a confident healer with SACRED SCALE™ music. The workshop is fun while we explore the SACRED SCALE™ music, its power, and healing potential in a give and receive manner.
The SACRED SCALE™ Program is 9 notes, all in tune with the laws of nature, all in tune with the human body. All 9 notes are in tune with each of the other notes, so dissonance is impossible. That makes it really easy to create your own music with this easy system. The focus of the program is based on the original purpose of music, that is for healing and ascension. Learn the sound healing tools to keep yourself, your family and loved ones balanced. Learn how to transform into love, light, peace, joy and harmony.
By the end of the 3 days, you will be able to
1. use the SACRED SCALE™ music as a healing tool for any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalances in yourself or others
2. use the SACRED SCALE™ instruments for healing and ascension
3. connect with your inner musical/composer self
4. understand your creative potential in terms of vibration: the power of your mind, your breath, your words, and actions.
5. create an appropriate healing atmosphere through music.
6. and much more
This course includes 3 full days of teachings, workbook, all healings, and meditations.  Exchange 175GBP.
You may opt to include a SACRED SCALE™ Harp as a package deal for 575GBP.
See or contact to register.
Carla, will be doing a free sound workshop at the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies on 6 December, at the Priory School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9EE  – here is a little about it.

Sound healing is a powerful tool for healing and ascension;  in fact, it was mankind’s first medicine.  During this workshop, Carla Rose Kelly will explain the SACRED SCALE™ music, and the hidden powers within this Divine Matrix.  This will be followed by a free sound healing session, or SONIC BLISS.  For the first time in the UK, you will hear musical instruments that are totally in tune with the human body, all the laws of nature, so healing and ascension are easy.  Lie back, close your eyes, and experience the healing sounds of the beautiful SACRED SCALE™ harp, xylophone, flutes, and vocals.  This is a profound experience that balances your mind, body and soul and connects you with your full potential. Come out and feel these powerful vibrations that heal on all levels.

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