Kinesiology     :Starting Wednesday 24 September 2014 for

10 weeks cost £81


Course code:  LPA-PKALTA  Venue: Wolgarston High School Penkridge

On the 10 week Kinesiology made Simple course, students will learn about the fascinating tool of muscle testing, exploring how it can be used to support the body’s desire for optimum health and balance. How we can question the body on what will give it support and strength as well as what will weaken and unbalance it. You will learn how to reduce the overall levels of stress in your life. We will be learning how to identify allergies and low tolerances and once identified how to “switch off” allergies off and raise tolerances to a manageable level. We will be rebalancing the bodies overall systems and discovering how our thoughts and feelings impact on our physical health, how to reframe and heal those thoughts and feelings. This course is taught in a relaxed and compassionate environment with lots of fun and joy with like – minded people. For further details call Annie Day (tutor) on 01785 713780. This course does not lead to a qualification.

To enrol please call 01785 – 275607 or online and quote codes above.

For more information please call 01785 -275439

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