Have you ever thought you would like to train to be a sound healer? Today, we are beginning to rediscover just how important sound and music are for us. Modern science now supports the ancient belief that all matter comes from vibration or sound. Physicists have found that the physical world is made up of vibrating energy.

The College of Sound Healing provides a comprehensive training in sound healing and sound therapy with highly experienced tutors.  The College is a non-profitmaking organisation, and is a member of the Sound Therapy Association and the Complementary Medical Association.

Their highly successful Sound Healing Practitioner Training course has been running since 1998. The College also offers a Gong Practitioner Training course and a Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training course. All these courses concentrate on practical experiential learning.

College Aims

  • • To teach sound healing and sound therapy courses of the highest quality
  • • To take sound healing into schools and the wider community
  • • To raise awareness of the positive and negative effects of sound
  • • To encourage scientific research into sound healing and sound therapy

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