Listen In vs Listen Out with Dr Helen Ford

Listen In Vs Listen Out
Listen In vs Listen Out with Dr Helen Ford
Sunday, 15th May, 2022
Mystique, 48-52 Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury SY1 3LD
10 am – 4.30 pm
£35  Please pay via Paypal or contact for BACS details.
Everything we need to know, be and do is constantly streaming in to us from Spirit. If we listen to it we can readily create our own perfect life. As we experience the consistently fulfilling results of listening in we gain the strength to stay steady in the face of all past and present lures and pressures that are trying to persuade us to listen out. We will no longer need to listen to the fears of others,the rules or opinions of others or their conditional offers of love and approval that depend on our conformity to their ways and their requirements. We will be free to follow the path of our own souls and nothing will have the power to interfere with that. .
The workshop will show you how your existing experiences of life already contain all the evidence you need to help you make the choice to consistently listen in to the spirit within you that is part of the Great Spirit of Creation.
Please bring a notebook and a packed lunch.  Refreshments will be provided.

About Listen In vs Listen Out workshop leader Dr Helen Ford from her website Dr Helen Ford – Helen’s Life

About my work

I initially trained and worked in conventional medicine. However, I gradually realised that physical illness is not simply a consequence of physical causes. So I began to look into the evidence for other possible reasons for people to become ill and eventually came to the point where I am now.

I call myself a holistic physician because I treat mind, body and spirit as an interactive whole. I have come to understand that illness arises in the body or mind as a result of some kind of separation from the soul’s truth. In my experience, anyone who is allowing the core truth of their own inner being. soul to flow freely into expression will be happy, healthy and fulfilled. It is also my experience that when someone becomes ill because they have chosen to express something other than their truth, this illness can be healed if truth’s flow is restored.

There are many reasons why people believe they cannot be their true selves. Sometimes the truth is completely hidden behind an array of defensive personae. Nevertheless, if someone is willing to seek their own truth, all the understanding and healing they need will come to them.

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