In Defence of Self Jen Hawkins – Shrewsbury

Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies

In Defence of Self Jen Hawkins  IFPA BA Hons – Shrewsbury

Free Talk at Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies, Sunday 6 December, 2015

How to foster and maintain a joyful, healthy balance in a busy, modern lifestyle.  With Jen Hawkins

Jen HawkinsOur ancestors used to structure their lives according to the seasons but in our modern day lives it’s not that easy. Instead we find ourselves following the same routine day in, day out, year in, year out regardless of the seasons.  And we’re paying the price.  Earth’s energy and her seasons still underpins our hectic modern lives and by ignoring this influence we are prone to modern symptoms of dis-ease such as insomnia, headaches and chronic fatigue, to name but a few.

Dis-ease occurs when we’re out of balance with life, when we don’t flow with ease and harmony with our natural surroundings. We can’t turn back the clock and live like our ancestors but we can foster an awareness of the natural world and how it influences us, discovering, how to integrate and foster a more natural approach to life, that encourages balance, ease and harmony rather than dis-ease, dis-comfort and dis-stress

This talk will give you an understanding of

  • An overview of the 8 key points in the natural year, the energetic influence of each and how this affects our daily lives.
  • The patterns of dis-ease and dis-harmony linked to each seasonal period and how to recognise the accompanying symptoms.
  • Which essential oils to use with each season to remedy and balance the dis-ease or dis-harmony.
  • We’ll finish with a seasonal meditation to foster some seasonal awareness and harmony, a complimentary copy of the meditation in MP3 format will be available for all attendees.

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