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Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies Sunday, 12 November, 2017



Now in its 16th year and visited by thousands over the years, the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies offers everything under one roof for those interested in Healing & Complementary Therapies. Known for being the largest holistic event in Shropshire and one of the largest FREE holistic events in the UK and one of the friendliest with friends meeting year after year and gaining new friends.


112 healers and therapists, mediums and 

Exhibition of Healing

psychics, will gather to showcase various treatments including Reiki, Bowen, Qui Energy Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy,Homeopathy, Herbal Remedies, Massage, Reflexology, EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Tarot Card Readers, Mediums, Psychics, Angel Card Readers, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Soul Plan Facilitators, Metamorphic Technique, Nutritionists, Colour Therapy, Shamanism, KFT and so much more........ including 24 FREE talks and workshops.


simon heather workshopKnown as theMain Hall 'PAL Lectures' in memory of Paul Alexander Lennie, these free talks and workshops are free and last between 30 and 45 minutes. 





Speaker Subject Matter
Ben Calder Spiritual Bypassing
Bernie Prior Foundation The Form Reality Practice
Carol Cumber Intuitive Living
Caroline Rolling ‘Connecting From the Heart- a Conscious Way to Find Peace’
Caroline Waterstone 3rd Eye Activation
Chris Quartermaine Dowsing for Beginners
Chris Thorn Digerdoo Healing
Dr Helen Ford tbc
Dhyan Prasada Ananda Dakini Awakening Love & Darshan
Jen Hawkins Synergy of the Seasons (Aromatherapy for seasonal health)
Jenny Brooke Silent Presence
Juli Moran DIY Funerals
Katie Creuynni Guided Journeying with Drum
Louise Birch Mindfulness
Louise Wade Essential Oils
Mags Obrien 6 Steps to Live the Life You Want
Marjorie Jones Herbs for Health
Nia Davies Health & Nutrition
Nick Cumber How to navigate to your perfect life
Olly Boon Permaculture - What is it?
Rebecca Dove-Thomas Homeopathy
Rob Chapman Mind Massage - a hypnotic blessing
Sue Gould The Way of the Lion
Suzanne McGill Meditation

Chris Thorn will hold a didgeridoo healing session in honour of Carol Morgan (see below) AT 5 PM

Sponsors this year include: 

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DavGar Link

Carol MorganCarol Morgan - Carol  selflessly gave her time at every exhibition to help in the kitchen or where ever she was needed. As part of the 'Dream Team' Carol's contribution was vital in making the exhibition the success it is.  She had the most beautiful smile and always happy and cheerful.  Her sad passing at far too young an age has broken the hearts of those who loved her and she is so sorely missed by all of us.  

Thank you Carol for everything you did to make the Exhibition a success and for the grace and dignity you showed in every area of your life.  You will never be forgotten.  This year's show is dedicated to you, our beautiful friend. 

This year's line up includes the following: 

Name Company Name Therapies Offered
Alan Harris & Robert Nutt Heart Chakrascension
Alastair Smart Alistair Smart Massage Massage
Alix Greer Self Empowered EFT, Meditation
Alison Hanson Alison Hanson Card Readings
Alison Holt Solace Academy Holistic Training
Allison Timmons Allison Timmons Arbonne
Amanda Vernalls Amanda Vernalls Kundalini Yoga & Healing
Andrea Proffitt Andrea Proffitt The Sound Temple
Anne Marie Craddock Anne Marie Craddock Reflexology
Annie Day Heaven Scent Bliss Seashell Healing, Egyptian Sekhem
Annie Powell Little Green Cream Company Creams
Audra Jervis Pearl House Charity Charity
Ben Calder Centre for Integral Health Holistic Centre
Bernie Menzies Bernie Menzies Animal Communicator
British Alliance of Healing Associations British Alliance of Healing Associations
Carol Cumber Natural Harmony Centre Holistic & Healing Training
Caroline Rolling Caroline Rolling Various Holistic Courses and Therapies
Caroline & Paul Magnetix Magnetic Jewellery
Caroline Waterstone The Journey Maker Energy Work & 3rd Eye Activation
Cathy Finch Cathy Finch Angelic Healing
Chris Heath Hitzone Personal Training
Chris Quartermaine Trinity8/Dowsing Trinity 8/Dowsing
Chris Thorn Chris Thorn Digerdoo Healing
Christine Heath The HitZone Shrewsbury Fitness Studio
Dave Phillipps Dave Phillips Tui Na Chinese Massage
Dawn Stone The Holistic Animal Healing & Training for animals
Diane Rixom & Ann Baxendale Gorge Wellbeing & Training Centre Various Holistic Therapies
Dianne Smart Diane Smart Smart Life Coach Life Coach
Dhyan Prasada Ananda Dakini Awakening Love Darshan
Donna Walker Donna Walker KHT, IHM, Face Massage
Dr Helen Ford Dr Helen Ford Energy Healing
Dr Matthew Lindley Dr Matthew Lindley Healing & Angel gifts
Jan Smith Eye Didn’t See You There Space Clearings, Hauntings
Fran Matharu Matharu Health Ltd Life Alignment
Gail Porter Gail Porter Homeopath
Gerri Swyers A Touch of Light Crystal Essences
Grace Lockhart Grace Lockhart Spiritual Readings
Harry Barron Time for you Acupressure, Back Massage
Helen Scholes Helen Scholes Counsellor & Mindfulness Tutor
Ingrid Bariosco & Kevin Dawson Ingrid Bariosco Fifth element Reiki
Jane Bungay Indulge Back, Massage, Hand Reflexology, Holistic Therapies
Jane Lightfoot & Gwen Lloyd Spiritual Connectoins Unicorns, Faeries & Angels
Jane Needham Jane Needham Purple Rice
Janey Jarvis Janey Jarvis Angel Card Reader
Jen Hawkins Revive TCM
Jenny Brooks Silent Presence Silent Presence
Jilly Johnson Jilly Jjohnson Healing & Crafts
Jo Trewartha Free Your Mind Solutions Free your mind solutions
John Balbock John Balbock Angel Messenger
Juli Moran Juli Moran Funeral Celebrant
Julia Collinson Lotus Mandala Animal Reiki Animal Reiki
Julie Grant Hapeshi MidWales Guild of Therapists Guild of Therapists
Karen Yale Healing Connections Reiki & Access
Kathryn Jones Kathryn Jones Intuitive healing & tree essences
Katie Creuynni Katie Creuynni Energy Healer/Journeying
Kaye Anna Law Kaye Anna Law Psychic Medium
Keith Gullis Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy
Kerry Whitaker Kerry Whitaker Hopi Ear Candles, Reiki, IHM
Kevin Bailey Connective Therapies Shamanic Healing, Crystal Healing
Kevin Duffy Kevin Duffy Isogenix
Lea & Luke Williams Little Pentre Organic retreats
Leon Organite Organite
Lisa Hardy Lisa Hardy Reflexology Reflexology
Lisa Matthews Bernie Prior Foundation The Form Sessions
Lisa Millward Lisa Millward Clothes & Jewellery
Liz Williams Liz Williams Havening Techniques, EFT NLP
Liza Colley Liza Colley Crystal Net sessions
Lorna Start Lorna Start Aura Photograhpy
Lorraine Lawless Lorraine Lawless Sound & Healing
Louise Birch Mindfulness Mindfulness
Louise Wade Doterra Essential Oils Doterra Oils
Mags Obrien Life Transformation Specialist Life Transformation Specialist
Maria Duggan Franklin Maria Duggan Franklin Emmett
Marion Robinson Peacehaven Healing Centre Crystals/Holistic Centre
Marjorie Featherstone Namaste Various Holistic Therapies
Marjorie Jones Marjorie Jones Herbs for Health
Maureen Giles Maureen Giles Spiritual Healing
Michael Quinn Michael Quinn Traditional Chinese Massage
Mid Wales Guild of Therapists Mid Wales Guild of Therapists Mid Wales Guild of Therapists
Natlie Morris Natalie Morris Medical Herbalist
Nia Davies Nutrition & Health Nutritional Advice
Nicci Shrimpton Nicci Shrimpton Massage   & Neals Yard
N Smith NS Fitness & Training NS Fitness & Training
Pollyanna Principle Pollyanna Principle Art & Hand Made Goods
Rebecca Dove Thomas Rebecca Dove Thomas Reflexology
Rob Chapman The Metaphysical Musician Hypnotic Mind Massage
Rob Crystals Secret Garden Crystals Crystals
Romella Jones Cariad Therapies Various Holistic Therapies
Rosie Brown Tranquil Serenity Ear Candline, Ayurvedic, aura cleansing
Ryan Jones Natural Inspired Health Natural Health
Sally Ann Hamilton Sally Ann Hamilton Gold Light Healing & Medium
Sandra Owen Sandra Owen Grief Recovery Specialist and Creative Personal Development
Sarah Churcher Owen Sarah Churcher Owen Shiatsu Bodywork
Sarah Jane Sarah Jane Shiatsu
Sheila Baxter Reilly Sheila Baxter Reilly Psychic Medium
Sonya Rigby Sonya Rigby Reflexology, Aromatherapy
Sue Bailley Faiths Readings Tarot Psychic Readings
Sue Davies Allowing Joy Reiki Treatment & Trainings
Sue Miller Sue Miller Palmistry Palm Readings
Sue Penrose Gould Sue Penrose Gould Metamorphic Technique
Sue Rigby Hands for Healing Quantum Touch
Suzanne Ellison ReDZine your Life EFT
Suzanne Horobin Calming Moments Tuning fork healing/various therapies
Suzanne McGill Jehandra Holistic Centre
Tal Bowen Serenbody Thai Yoga Massage
Tessa Tant Tessa Tant Holistic Therapies
Tony & Angela Simmering Cauldron Holistic Goods
Zephorium Oils Zephorium Oils Holistic oils and candles

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