Dr Helen Ford workshop in Shrewsbury

Dr Helen Ford workshop
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Date(s) - 12/09/2021
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Universal God Centre


Dr Helen Ford workshop in Shrewsbury
Dr Helen Ford, author of Creating The Life You Desire and a leading UK Holistic Physician & Healer is coming to Shrewsbury to do a one day workshop at the UGC, 32/34 Castle Street, Shrewsbury SY1 2BQ. Sunday, 12 September, 2021 from 9.30am to 4 pm. (doors open from 9am)
Helen, who trained as a GP and regularly runs retreats at her mountain retreat centre in North Wales, understands that illness arises in the body or mind as a result of some kind of separation from the soul’s truth.
Spaces are limited and lunch and refreshments are included. To book, please email june@aamarhealing.co.uk and pay via my paypal account june@aamarhealing.co.uk
There is free parking at the Frankwell Car Park in Shrewsbury on Sundays.


In the course of my work both in medicine and in complementary therapies I have realised that this flow of essential truth is more important than anything else in keeping us happy and physically well.
No matter whether what we are suffering from is a physical condition or a negative emotional state, when this core truth is supported to flow freely through us, the need for any other kind of treatments or therapy is greatly diminished.
The work that I do is a form of treatment which activates and energises this light form , supporting it to transmit itself more freely into the other bodies. It goes directly into the source of the problem which is the point at which there is a block to the free flow of the light form/soul.
Blocks to this free flow generally occur quite early on in childhood, often even having their origins during the time we spend within the womb. Blocks occur as a result of some kind of trauma.
This trauma may be physical, as in a reaction to something that has either threatened our physical survival or seemed to do so or it may be emotional, as a reaction to something that has injured our identity or constituted a blow to the heart or prevented us fro expressing what we know to be right and true for ourselves.
Once a block has occurred in response to a specific trauma, the light form tends to be retracted every time something reminding us of the original trigger appears in out environment.
Instead of the flow of our inner being into the world we offer a defence pattern, a performance persona, something we have constructed to keep ourselves safe, something that we think will keep us safe.
Usually this is fine and often necessary when we are children.
However, as we grow and become more capable of self-sufficiency and as our environment expands beyond the limited horizons of our own family life, we need to re-examine this patterns of defence and replace them with a free flow of the truth that comes direct from the inner being.

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